In Covid crisis, More than 1700 deliveries registered in Jalandhar

Mother and Child Care Centre from April to July

 Three Covid positive pregnant women give birth to healthy babies


 Jalandhar– With the entire health department is fighting Covid-19 crisis on war footing,  its gynecology wing is tirelessly working round the clock to ensure best care and safe treatment to the pregnant women.


This can be gauged from the fact that the 100-bedded mother and child centre in the Shaheed Babu Labh Singh Civil Hospital registered more than 1700 deliveries from April to July including 650 in lockdown, and even successfully organized safe delivery of three Covid positive pregnant women recently.


With the private hospitals were reluctant in the admitting them, the Mother and Child Care Centre not only ensured safe deliveries but also took care to save the babies from contagion.


 Dr Kulwinder Kaur, head of the gynecology wing of the department said that pregnant women were at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19

as compared to others.


She said that pregnant women were vulnerable to infection

because of the changes in their body and the immune system hence the pregnant women were had to take extra precautions just as the elderly.


Dr Kulwinder added that the staff wore PPE kits and took other preventive measures during the deliveries of three of Covid positive pregnant women in the last week. 


She said that as three of the women were COVID-positive and hence, the staff was already extra cautious to ensure that no harm was caused to either the mother or the child.



All measures were followed to ensure the babies do not contract any virus,” She added.


Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori lauded the services rendered by the mother and child care centre of the hospital and said that it was sheer commitment of the health department to tackle huge load of the work in this crisis effectively.


He said that the district administration is committed to win the battle against the pandemic with the support of the people and the need is just to remain cautious.


He said that the people must wear the masks, maintain physical distancing, washing hand frequently and ensuring proper care of the elders in their families.                

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